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Why WordPress?

There are many reasons why you should consider WordPress as your website building platform.

WordPress is a powerful, yet user-friendly website building platform that is free to use and very well supported. With a little bit of coaching, you can learn to build your own beautiful, functional website with NO CODING EXPERIENCE.

Happy WordPressers

  • “As a writer, I need a good way to showcase my published articles. I like the WordPress portfolio function because the display can be easily customized.”

    -Jennie Morton | Herringbone Freelance

  • “WordPress is the best content management platform for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).”

    Adrian Brambila | Search Engine Conquest

  • “I occasionally get weird ideas for websites and blogs. With WordPress, I can convert this idea into a working website within minutes. It’s that easy! WordPress also makes it possible for me to have a new design every day. I’m surrounded by thousands of free themes!”

    -Dinsan Francis | Chrome Story

Isn’t WordPress just for blogs?

Truthfully, it used to be! WordPress was originally a fork of something called cafelog, and was basically just a blogging platform. But over the years WordPress has evolved into the most powerful (and most popular, by far) website building platform in the world. Here are just a few big name websites that use WordPress:

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Bloomberg Professional
Sony Music
That’s right. Friggen Beyoncé uses WordPress
Walking Dead
Rolling Stones